Eureka Village

Racehlle Taplin
2001-2007 Teasley Lane,
Denton, TX 76205



Residents of Denton enjoy the quality of life afforded by a college atmosphere with the modern conveniences of a growing metropolis. Strategically situated northwest of Dallas and northeast of Fort Worth at the intersection of Interstate 35E and Interstate 35W, Denton is a thriving community that is home to an extremely well-educated workforce and two higher-learning institutions that contribute significantly to the economic base and diverse cultural activity of the city. Denton County and the city that became its county seat, Denton, were founded in the mid-1800s by a Texas legislature land grant. Today, the city of Denton has an estimated population of approximately 134,400 people and is expected to grow by an annual rate of more than 2 percent for the next five years with a projected 149,500 total residents by 2023. Denton has an excellent public school system, Denton Independent School District, which educates approximately 28,380 students across 39 campuses. Like the city, the district is growing and will open a new elementary school in time for the 2019-2020 school year. In addition, there are two universities in the area.

Within Denton city limits, 4,453 businesses provide jobs for approximately 64,300 people. Indeed, Denton is home to 12 public and private employers with 500 or more employees. Denton has developed from an almost entirely agricultural economy to a diversified economy based on oil, agriculture, commerce, light manufacturing, education, technology, and service. Its civic progressiveness and logistic function as a regional center for distribution, commerce, industry, transportation, and education provide an assortment of lodging, dining, cultural, and shopping opportunities typically found only in much larger cities. The City of Denton has a solid plan in place for future growth, evidenced by their Economic Development Partnership that drives the shared vision of the business and community leaders – to be the “True North” of economic development for the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.


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